Friday, October 17, 2014

Simple diamond in the square

 I love granny squares . I overheard a conversation in a store .Two ladies where pointing to the most beautiful granny squared blanket .The ladies said

" the granny blanket was so dated and terribly old fashioned and obviously they wouldn't have anything called granny in their home"

I felt really sorry for them. Sorry that a  beautiful word like Granny meant so little to them . To me a granny is the greatest word in the world. It is a club that not everyone as the privilege to be in.
Those poor ladies obviously didn't have a great granny like I did.

 My granny was terribly fashionable .She made all her own clothes and hats .Proper millinery .She made soft furnishings .She reared her own chickens  and grow all her own vegetable, with not a chemical in sight. She rolled her own tobacco she grew the plants.
She cooked like a dream . She had thirteen children so I think she enjoyed a cuddle !!!hehe, She did all that until she died aged 95  Does that granny sound old fashioned, dated?

And so dear friend I found this lovely pattern from here. It is called a simple diamond in a square , which I think is perfectly apt .Have a lovely weekend


  1. I love your square and the colors you've chosen. Will make an interesting blanket!

  2. I am called Granny by my beautiful Grandchildren and I consider it a great privilege. Your square looks delightful, I love the colour combination. I like the look of the cake too.

  3. Hello Helda
    What a marvellous granny you had! No wonder you were so inspired to create beautiful things, the diamond square is lovely!
    Best wishes

  4. I learnt to crochet so I could make granny squares! I love your diamond square here. Your own granny sounds like a wonderful lady and I enjoyed reading about her.
    Happy weekend.
    Helen xox

  5. What silly women! They obviously didn't have such a cool Granny as us!

  6. Hello Hilda, No, obviously they haven't caught on that Grannies are the new black or whatever...
    I totally love Granny Squares, and with all the fantastic yarn available nowadays they don't look dated.
    I also love Vintage and Retro and a Granny Square blanket fits right into that.
    We should have our own badges 'Proud member of the Granny Square club'!!!!
    Your granny sounds like a wonderful woman!
    And pictures of Walnut cake!!! (I miss England!!!)
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Ingrid xx

  7. I am a very proud granny and now that my eldest grand daughter has started to phone and ask me questions as soon as I hear the first two words "hello granny" it fills me with pleasure.
    My grandma always used to say to me, "I don't care what you call me as long as it isn't nanny! After all, I am not a goat!"
    Those words have always stuck in my mind but to be honest there are so many grandmas, grannys, nannys and nanas in the world, if we're happy to be called one of them, then so be it!
    Those silly ladies may well change their minds when it's their turn.

  8. Brilliant...this square works up in a jiffy and something a little different to add to the 62 granny squares I have to make .
    My Grandma was strict ...I didn't see her as much as I would have liked and she passed away when I was still young. Never-the-less I remember staying at her bungalow in Brixham ,Devon....I remember her wonderful garden of roses...her budgies and her soldiers. The soldiers were made of bread for me to dip in my boiled I have fond memories. Your Granny sounds a wonderful person. I am a Grandmother and I mean to leave my mark on my grand-daughter by giving her all the love I can give. It isn't difficult as she is a loving child. I am so lucky!!!
    keep well

    Amanda x

  9. I love grannies and granny squares!! xx

  10. How sad they think granny squares are so out of date, they are beautiful and so creative. I love this diamond shaped granny.

  11. Grannies are to be celebrated - both the real people and the crocheted ones.

  12. I had a fabulous grandmother too. Grannies are the best :)