Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Catherine Scarf /blanket

I designed this scarf way back in 2012 . It was published in Inside crochet magazine ,Issue 34. This pretty scarf uses a traditional feather and fan lace stitch to great effect, causing the variegated yarn to form stunning zigzag stripes as you work, with minimal effort. There is no reason that this pattern can not be adapted to make larger pieces. Incidently, the yarn used for this is called Kauni
                                    With that in mind I decided to use the same pattern to make a larger piece.
 I am really rather pleased. I used my leftover stylecraft  It is  a pack called the Lucy pack and it contains all these great colours .
 With the yarn I made this Granny stripe blanket back in 2010. My bed is a super king bed and this blanket is huge. I fell so completely in love  with the stripes, the colours and the random nature I crocheted the yarn. I simply used the yarn that came out of the bag in no order .I really enjoyed making this that I decided to make matching pillows. This set is now used for our family picnics. The pillows come in so handy

 I think that my Catherine pattern works so well in these colours .I have blocked it .Everything looks  so much better when it is blocked.
                            The pattern reminds me of the rays of the sun and the undulating waves of the sea.
                                             I find colours and the waves very calming. It is a very easy two row pattern.I finished it off with a two row yellow border .I really like that contrast of the teal and the gold. Incidently,  this is a cot sized blanket
Have you noticed my wonderful collage? One of my favourites bloggers Marianne from Ladybird diaries introduced me to an app called InstaCollage which I have on my phone. It is very simple to use and you just transfer photos from the camera roll on your phone onto the template you want on InstaCollage. It's a free app and perfect . It is great fun you can then share the results via instagram  or save the picture and then I will use it for my blog .It is really clever. Thank you Marianne.
I have been  thinking that it might be a good idea to back it with a lovely piece of fabric ,but my sewing skills are not great and I am not sure how to finihed off the edges, but that is for another day .
I used  a couple of blocking wires and t pins in a bid to get perfectly straight sides. 

                       You  can make a blanket . I have made a wrap in stunning lace weight cashmere .It is perfect for the colder evenings .The  pattern  for my Catherine Scarf is available at  Ravelry  at the bargain price of £1.99.

Not everyone likes bright colours this shows it looks equally stunning in neutral shades.

I am not reading a book this week I'm reading magazines at the moment and I'm really enjoying it.
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  1. Very impressive, love all those bright colours of yarn. I was so impressed with the pillows on the bed they looked gorgeous.

  2. Bonjour! I'm discovering your blog! My first word is wow! It's nice to meet you.
    Have a good day!

  3. Wow that king size afghan is amazing! Beautiful!!

  4. Hello Helda! Thank you for visiting and leaving a sweet comment. Your blog has lots of nice crochet which I love! I'm your newest Follower and will be back to see what you make next. ♥

  5. I'm just about to embark on another blanket, this time a crocheted chevron design.
    Chevron and ripple patterns seem to be everywhere at the moment and so colourful.
    I've just started and really enjoying "the accident" that you recommended a while back.

  6. Anonymous4:32 PM

    How pretty!

  7. Beautiful. I love the granny stripe blanket, I've got a Lucy Pack waiting to make a similar one, but I love how the colours work out on your Catherine pattern too. Fabulous.

  8. Beautiful, gorgeous and amazing projects my friend. Your creativity and crochet skills amaze me.

  9. wow! just wow! really amazing stuff

  10. Oh, wow. I love the way those colors look in the stitch pattern. Just beautiful, thank you for sharing your inspiring work.

  11. oh so beautiful porojects ! I love colorful stuffs ! have a nice day and a nice moment with your hook !

  12. Love all those colours.

  13. so many happy colors and boy that bed blanket is amazing! that must have taken quite some time to stitch up!!

  14. DearHelda, thank your for visiting my little blog and leaving such a nce comment. I like your crochet work a lot, the scarf looks light and cosy. And your colour combination ist very cheerful. I will come back to your blog soon. Viola

  15. Beautiful! I love the pattern as a blanket. And oh the colors! They make me happy just looking at them!

    I'd love if you'd link up at my Yarn Fanatic Party!

  16. I think your blanket is absolutely stunning, if anything the wave like pattern enhances the colours even more. It's really beautiful. And I love the way you made matching pillowcases for your striped blanket, such a fun idea. x

  17. Your pattern is beautiful, I love the scarf and the blanket! It looks lovely in the colours you have chosen, and I like the matching pillows.
    Wishing you a happy weekend.
    Helen xox

  18. Such beautiful crochet and wow so much gorgeous colour love the wavy pattern
    Clare x

  19. So pretty. Great work. I just found your blog - off to look at more ......... best wishes. M

  20. Such gorgeous crochet in this post...I love the blanket it is absolutely stunning and such a wonderful combination of colours. I love your little collage! I am so glad you like was my absolute pleasure to share it with you.
    Marianne x