Monday, August 04, 2014

Borough Market

This weekend was spent enjoying the weather and visiting Borough Market. Borough Market is a wholesale and retail food market in Southwark, Central London, England. It is one of the largest and oldest food markets in London, and sells a large variety of foods from all over the world

                                                          I found this image
 Amazing! This is surely the best food market in London. There may be equally good fruit and vegetables elsewhere, but not this wonderful choice of delectable English, Welsh, French and Italian cheeses; wild beef from Dartmoor; cider from the New Forest; organic meats and charcuterie; a French shop (foie gras, confit, saucisson sec… and wine), a German stall with genuine Frankfurters and Fleishwurst, and hot Bratwurst mit Sauerkraut to munch while continuing one’s exploration; poulty; fresh fish; a beer shop with an unbelievable selection of different bottled beers; a large range of wonderful looking (and tasting) breads and patisserie; chocolates; and sticky toffee pudding; and just over the road, the Monmouth coffee shop for a good cappuccino- what more could you want?
Paella anyone? One of my fav shops is called Brindisa and I bought some saffron, smoked paprika, anchovies, chickpeas,morcilla, chorizo, manchego. Lots of Spanish cooking will be taking place at home

                                                                     Yummy oysters
                                                buffalo mozzarella, aged black parma ham drizzled with a delicious extra virgin olive oil
                                       A delightful non alcoholic apple mojito
                                         Chargrilled squid with a delicious chilli dressing

                                                            Aged steak ,rosemary frites .A bottle or two of prosecco. We had  a great day filled with lots and lots of nibbling followed by a delightful meal . There is nothing better than spending the day surrounded by wonderful produce with others who enjoy good food. . Now I 'm off to eat salad for the next few days,I think I have put on a few pounds. haha


  1. What an amazing place, I have been to London many times but never there, I have put it on the list for next time we visit. Thank you for sharing.

  2. How lovely was this visit..... you are making me hungry!
    Thank you so much for the lovely comments on my blog! it makes me proud that i inspired someone as clever as you to start sewing, good luck with your course!!
    bestest daisy j

  3. I love this market, I usually grab a yummy falafel sandwich from one of the stalls - I am starting to feel hungry!


  4. I used to work right around the corner from Borough Market, I was so spoiled! Brindisa is the best for Spanish food in the UK! Oh, and those oysters...the bratwurst...I'm drooling...Chrissie x

  5. It is a good thing that I have had dinner otherwise I would be very hungry after seeing all that delicious food! xx

  6. Thank you for taking us for a whirl around borough market. It is a great place to visit, there's so much choice and so many things to try. Yummy!

  7. I've heard about Borough Market but I've never been, it looks fantastic. Definitely a place to put on my places to visit list.

  8. Oh my gosh. It's my dream to visit a market like this someday. Thank you for sharing!

  9. It is such a fabulous market, I use to enjoy going there when I lived in London. It looks like you had a lovely time and that steak looks delicious xoxo

  10. It's a dreamy place isn't it ... literally in my case, I've been there just once but I still dream about it!