Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Yarn along

            It is hot and for me there is nothing quite as refreshing as a bowl of cold watermelon.
Here in the UK I have not seen Peaches and Crème yarn  but in America you can get this stuff in Walmart. This stuff is perfect for dishcloths. I know some people will think why spend time making dishcloths. But, don't knock it until you try it. Using thick cotton makes super absorbent cloths . They wash wonderfully and last for ages. I urge you whether you knit or crochet if you are making a swatch in cotton why not make turn it into a useful item.
 On my bedside table I have this delightful book. I don't knit much as I am such an impatient knitter but this book has made me reach for my needles . Im making this beautiful edging. I am going to add mine to my shelf that houses all my pots of jams ,preserves.
I hope you are enjoying your day, they weather at the moment is so glorious I fine I cant stop smiling.  Joining with Ginny


  1. What beautiful edging, perfect for a shelf. I like the prices of Walmart yarn too. Have a good week.

  2. You have reminded me, I intend making a batch of dishcloths. I think they would make perfect homemade gifts!
    I'm enjoying the sunshine too. Don't tell anyone though, I'm supposed to be whirling the hoover around and dusting with my "feather flick".

  3. I get laughed at for knitting dishcloths but they are brilliant and impossible to wear out. At least I haven't managed it so far.

  4. I'd never seen Peaches N Creme yarn before your post. I know we have Sugar N Cream yarn here, in every store. I'll have to look around for that kind too.

  5. That edging is beautiful isn't it!! I hope that you enjoy making it. xx

  6. Right now one of our craft stores, Micheal's is having a hugs sale on that yarn, and you are right there is nothing like a good, cotton dishcloth.

  7. I'm addicted to crochet dishcloths, they are perfect and such a quick make! I do need a new batch, though, so I think Lily Sugar n' Cream yarn will be going on holiday with me...it's a fave in the States and luckily we can get it in the UK now, too! Chrissie x