Monday, June 09, 2014


For some reason I have felt the need to design some socks.
 Regia  sock yarn is one of my favourites. I do realise I probably say this a lot about yarn, but Regia is up there in my top ten of reliable yarns. I had no trouble with splitting and it had a nice elasticity that was easy on my hands. I also loved the fact that the varigation used by Regia does not  cause weird pooling  as is so common with many hand painted or other variegated yarns. If you have not tried it I urge you too. Incidentally, Hobbycraft stocks Regia and it  has a 3 for 2 at the moment so even more reason to try.

I bought some anti slip glue , called sock stop. You put dots on the underside of the sock and when it dries, it puffs and act as an slip guard. I have wooden floors in my kitchen and living area so this is a must. They come in a delightful palette. I didn't take a photo but I placed the dots so it looks like little paw prints

Excuse the  grainy quality of these pictures I took them with my camera phone

I am really rather pleased, these little sockettes are perfect for relaxing around the house. They are so quick to make, a perfect project whilst watching the telly. Hope you are all well and enjoying the wonderful weather.


  1. They are stunning I love the style and the colour. I have never come across anti slip glue, would it work on a crochet rug?

  2. What a great idea! They are very pretty. xx

  3. They look great. I've been looking for some little socks like that myself lately.

  4. They are perfect, sock stop sounds like a wonderful thing to use.

  5. Cute little socks ... I love this style for summer when I'm inside (no socks & sandals of course). Great idea using dots in the shape of paw prints. Wendy x

  6. These are great and love the colour. I'm seeing lots of hand-made socks recently in blogland and thinking I may have to join the club! x

  7. Terrific and you have modeled them perfectly.
    Thank you for reminding me that I have some of that anti slip glue and I should really use it!

  8. They look really comfortable. And I like the colour combo.