Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Inside Crochet Issue 53, Coral Brooches

I am proudly presenting quite possibly one of my most favourite patterns I have designed . Inspired by my love of the coral reef. I love the diversity of colours and shapes. I am always mesmerized by  coral reef.

I took these two pictures when I visited Busch Garden's Aquarium in Tampa last year. I think my interpretation has come out quite similar

 They are made in Rowan yarns ethereal Kidsilk Haze yarn. An exquisite yarn .It combines  delicate strands of silk with the very finest mohair fibers .I love this stuff it is so very soft ,the only down side is that as it is a hairy fiber  it is a nightmare to unravel, despite this it is such an exquisite yarn

Each brooch is finished with a sparkly centre. I am a bit of a magpie I collect broken jewellery , one side of an earring, the beads from bracelets .I have then in a tin. I love the idea of making something new from something old.  You can use buttons, a circle of fabric looks great. The beauty of my pattern is that can be adapted to what you have at hand.

                                                        This is the cover of the magazine
"In this month's issue of Inside Crochet we have some truly fabulous projects for you, perfect for sunny days. Amongst the 23 patterns you'll find colourful filet garments, cute characters that little ones will love and sweet accessories such as Deborah Stuart's Neapolitan Beret.
If that wasn't enough, learn a new stitch with Vicki Brown's ripple shawl, join Claire as she explores three ways with lace motifs, or think ahead to picnics and enjoy some vintage fun from Emma Escott, crocheting handmade food covers and a beautiful summer cushion "
Now available monthly from all good newsagents and supermarket chains, and digitally via, in the Apple App Store and on Google Play

I am an avid reader and love Small  things blog.Ginny hosts a yarn along I though one once I would actually add a post. I am reading
This is a lovely, sincere, warm-hearted book, with a story rooted in the early days of AIDS awareness, when misconceptions abounded and most people didn't openly discuss the illness

This is a wonderful story about the close bond between a young girl uncle, the noted artist. He's the only person that June feels she can share her secrets with, and reveal her true self to. When Finn passes away, June finds herself adrift, wondering how her life can possibly go on without Finn being a part of it. Then June meets Finn's partner Toby, who has never been mentioned to June before, and a new friendship is slowly formed which will alter the way she views herself and her late uncle. They are both lonely, struggling to cope with life without Finn, united in the immense loss and grief they share.
                                   Joining in with GINNY and friends for Yarn Along


  1. Wow, I am so impressed...stunning, beautiful creation.
    I am also a big fan of Busch Gardens, I really do feel the connection. Have a great week.

  2. Lovely brooch, I worked back in the early '90s with families affected by HIV, it was a very scary time for them and there was so much hype. There is still so much stigma attached but I'm glad there have been so much medical's a pity it's not worldwide though. I will look out for that book, thank you :) x

  3. Those brooches are LOVELY! I am just in love with them, I'm going to get a copy of the mag to make some, you are so clever! I hope you're feeling better, congrats on the publication, Cx

  4. Good for you! The brooches are so pretty. You're such a talented designer.

  5. What pretty brooches. I've got some gorgeous Kidsilk Haze in Daffodil in my stash. As you say, it's an exquisite yarn but a devil to unravel.

  6. The brooches are great, very colourful. Thanks also for suggesting the book, one to add to my reading pile.
    Also the little jacket I knitted for my grand daughters is a Drops pattern called Wonder wave, completed in muscat yarn. I replied to your question on my blog today but not sure if you've been able to see it.

  7. The brooches are so wonderful, I love them. You asked me a while ago about the pin it button on my blog, I have no idea how to do it as my sister did it for me. I wish I could be of more help.
    Sending you a hug,

  8. I can totally see the coral inspiration! Last year I made some seaweed on a similar theme to go with a rockpool bowl that I have - you have reminded me about it, so I must dig it out! Congratulations on your latest published idea!! xx

  9. Hello i just read your post about your pain when crocheting, i think you should give this a try, May God help you recover.

  10. Wow yes I can definitely see what inspired you what lovely crochet x

  11. How beautiful, you captured the natural shapes of the coral so beautifully here. Congratulations on the publication! x