Friday, March 28, 2014

When it hurts so bad

 I'm still struggling with my hand and neck .I have been like this for months now.I know I should go back to my GP again but I really cant bear it. You see in the past I have had to get over quite a few major illness ,you know the type that makes you think about who will look after the children when you're gone. I survived that to have a stroke at the tender age of 33.I had to learn to speak again, to stand straight. Learn to walk .Tried to get my brain functioning again . I walk with a stick now .And I forget so many things,It has been such a long and very difficult road. I was then struck with cervical cancer. I am only 44

Everyone at home is angry, frustrated with me because I have refused to go to the doctor and have decided to try and heal myself with a healthier diet and supplements , gentle stretching. I even bought a new hand massaging machine at great cost. The unit looks like two oven gloves that have a vibrating massaging unit and has heat and it feels wonderful not sure it s working but I want to believe in it.

I feel I will be wasting my time at the doctor as all I ever get is that as I have radical treatments my body is fully menopausal, bones are brittle and pain is to be expected .I'm sent of with tramadol and told to rest. If you have ever tried this drug you will know it reduces proper cognitive thoughts. I hate being on this stuff I often cant remember very much. I hate that when everyone comes home one word from me and they ask if I'm on medication.

This is affecting my life . I'm unable to drive the pain is so bad. I cant sleep .My right side fingers hurt dreadfully my arm and neck also. I'm feeling so tearful .I have not left the house at all this week.The Mr begged me to go to the hospital with a pained look in the eyes. Yet, still I refuse to go .I feel a bit of a fraud moaning about this pain after all the major stuff I have had to battle but this is affecting my crafting ,  my cooking and generally me  just being me .I feel a bit of my crafting  side  slipping away daily , What should I do dear friends??? Any suggestions  would be great.



  1. So sorry to read this. My sister had to take tramadol post surgery, and whilst it numbed the pain, as you say it numbs everything else too, which isn't a great long term solution.
    Have you tried acupuncture? I had been suffering with headaches (they got to never really going away) and found that acupuncture and some massage have really helped. Just an idea. Hope you have a better weekend. x

  2. Hi Helda, keep going dear one, things will take time, but I can tell you that things do pass and that they will improve. Rest, gentle exercise, taking care of yourself and perhaps some massage as Sara suggests can do you no harm and may well help. Thinking of you and hoping that you are feeling much better very soon. Love Amy xx

  3. I wish I had advice. I'm sorry you have to live this way. I second Sara's suggestion about acupuncture, I've heard many good things about it. I hope you find a way to feel better soon. Take care.

  4. Ongoing pain is so draining. When I had sciatica for a few weeks, I didn't know what to do with myself. It shouldn't have stopped me knitting or crocheting, but I just lost the enthusiasm to get on with anything.
    Turmeric is good for inflammation. My local farm shop now sells it and if my sciatica starts to niggle I'll infuse a small piece in a cup of warm water with a slice of lemon. It work well for sore throats too.
    I've never tried acupuncture but a friend has and recommends it.
    I hope you feel better very soon, I'm looking forward to seeing your new sewing projects!

  5. Sorry to hear you are not so good, I'm afraid I don't have much advice other than rest. The sun on your planned holiday may do the trick. I got some great fabric from Joanne and yarn from Michaels. If you become a member before you go you will be able to get all the discounts. You can also browse the fabric patterns on their website and get the address for the store nearest to your accommodation. Hope that helps, but get in touch if you need more details. Take care. Lorraine.

  6. Oh lovely, you have had your fair share haven't you. I'm all for alternative therapies in managing my MS however I do think you should go to your doctor, get things checked out. You don't have to take and medication, maybe some physio? Acupuncture can help, also meditation can help with managing pain too. Hope things improve soon :) xxx

  7. Oh you poor thing, bless your heart for having gone through so much and now this! Keep in mind I may be wrong but it sounds like a classic case of carpal tunnel syndrome, which if severe enough can move right up into your neck. Usual due to posture and repetitive injury. The first thing you need to do is rest. I think relaxing the neck/arm muscles is very important. Lie down on your back, no pillow, with your arms relaxed next to your body, palms up. Do this many times a day, I think the floor works best. Stay there a while and do deep breathing to help you relax. Buy wrist splints and wear them all that you can, it gives the wrist stability and prevents wrist flexion which is causing part of the problem. Acupuncture is a blessing and would really help a LOT! Rolling the shoulders backward one at a time very slowly and gently several times a day will help put you in alignment.

    Let me know if you need anything else.

  8. I have found that a visit to the osteopath can sort out a wide range of ills. I hope you find a solution - the frustration of it all often makes symptoms worse. Stay positive and hopeful, Chrissie x

  9. I know exactly where you're coming from. I was diagnosed with Cancer at the age of 31 and after years of treatment, you just don't want to visit the doctor's surgery ever again. I've been lucky since, I haven't had any major problems, but I think I'd have to bite the bullet and go if I were in as much pain as you are. I do hope you can find some alternative treatment, but if not, you must go, you can't go in living your life in such pain. Sending my very best wishes, I do hope you find some relief very soon.

  10. You poor thing, I'm sorry to hear about your pains, they sound horrendous, and the illnesses you have battled through and conquered. I had a painful leg for years which was finally sorted out by a kind of massage called The Bowen Technique. It might be worth a try, but I'd make at least one more trip to the dr first just to be safe.
    Hope you managed to find a way through this soon. Someone with your talent shouldn't be denied what you love to do.
    S xx

  11. Dear I wish I could take away your pain. Well my advice would be to take an all sides approach, doctor included. My partner has battled and still has occasionally: back, sciatica, stomach and neuralgia pains, he mixes traditional medicine with alternative... ALL THE TIME. Acupuncture, meditation, homeopathy, Pilates, stretching etc. Could you get a referral to the Homeopathic hospital or request some acupuncture through your GP. There are Pain Clinics on the NHS that offer acupuncture treatments, but it all starts via your GP. Try them, and if you don't like the first doctor you see on your surgery, go to another. I understand you not trusting them, but if you want to see different results, you will have to do something different from what you have done until now. Will look for some of my Carpal tunnel exercise videos and send you something later. Take care. XX

  12. I just went back to this blog after a while and was sorry to read your health problems. It is bad enough when you are older to experience this but from such a very early age.

    It seems so unfair when people are dished out such poor deals - I have a friend who had a stroke in early 30s and now has Leukaemia and still getting strokes. I am powerless to help as I'm far away.

    When you see all the useless people who commit crime and just take, it makes you mad that good, decent people have to put up with this.

    I would try acupuncture but don't take the Chinese medicines, you don't know what's in them. I had an English acupuncturist when I had sciatica and on occasions this did help. Good wishes.