Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Granny squares

Remember these beauties
                                       they now look like this, messy huh?? but still cheerful and well loved
                       I have been having a good time making these little squares of colour

I have three rows ,each row 21 squares. Each square is five rows including the cream row. It is taking me a very long time.This is a labour of love .I'm making a few squares a day if I feel like it  She is still is in progress. I think two more rows and a border. It is going to  be a beautiful heavy wrap just for me!!!!! I want to wear to wrap  it snugly around my neck and sometimes just  draped around my shoulders. I really can't wait. I want to have this piece  for those long journeys ,trips and days out , planes trips . A cornucopia of colour, for me that is food for the soul.

Speaking about food I have recently bought a dehydrator and I have been dehydrating everything I possible can. It's great fun but I'm finding I'm a little impatience I have been constantly peeking at it and willing it to 'dry' a bit quicker. Last night I made carrots , baby tomatoes. tinned pineapple slices, lychee, and beetroot .The results have yet to be reached as I'm still not happy with textures so the experiment still continues. The Mr has had a call to please bring home sweet potatoes , parsnips for tonight's test batch. I will post both before and after results , if I haven't eaten them all during the testing process, ha ha .See you soon


  1. Oh lovely colourful loveliness, can't wait to see the finished article. Now what is all this dehydration about?? Does it just dry out all your food?? Can you dehydrate anything? Would it make food go like dried banana or apricot pieces?? Intrigued.

  2. I'm so pleased to see your perfect granny squares. I'll be posting photos of my finished granny square blanket very soon - not so perfect but I am, just a beginner!
    Please give us more info on your dehydrator, Im intrigued!

  3. Beautiful colours Helda and I think it is going to make such a lovely scarf/wrap/shawl. It takes so long to do these little squares and I get so impatient sometimes with mine. I have not heard of a hydrator, would be interested to know a little more! Wishing you a happy week xoxo

  4. One word....delicious! :) x