Saturday, June 08, 2013

Loop yarn therapy

I recently lost a cashmere shawl last week pure cashmere it was the softest buttery soft shawl ever.I searched online for a replacement but its just too pricy im going to buy some yarn from jade sapphire when they come to Ally Pally in oct. i want a large rectangular shawl.
So to console myself I felt I needed some yarn ,yes, I know I did just buy a large box of yarn but sometimes just one more ball is needed
Well as you can see I bought a bit more than one ball . I just couldn't help myself
I love kid silk haze from rowan it is such an ethereal yarn.i had to have it in this daffodil colour .I then spotted kid silk from a company in Iceland called Isager it is the exact shade of the lost shawl so I simply had to have it.a few magazines a new project bag and I'm one happy bunny
I'm so excited I can't wait to make ,we I'm not sure what I'm making I think ill just stroke my yarn while I think


  1. Well is a case of "The end justifies the means".
    You left me with a vision of a yarn baddie petting a ball of yarn, just like Blofield in James Bond's Thunderball.

  2. And there I was on Saturday driving past a favourite yarn shop of mine with an overwhelming desire to pop in and I refrained. Wish I'd gone with my first instinct now.

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