Sunday, January 20, 2013

Inside Crochet issue 37



My latest pattern has been published in Inside crochet issue 37.It is for  baby booties.They are so easy to make.They are a simple T shape that is folded  and sewn in a way that resembles a booty. I added bows . ribbon , buttons.use any thing you like.Made in Sublime 4ply cashmere,merino, silk yarn , a deliciously soft yarn perfect for wee ones feel.  This pattern is easy to adapt to make larger ones. I have made them for all my family including my brother who has size 13 uk feet. They don't look quite so cute in that size but they make your feet very happy.!!!
I m loving the new style of inside crochet , it feels and looks very stylish.I really like the photography,the booties look so pretty all lined up in a row.Well done team Inside crochet!!! 
I'm toying with the idea of getting my magazines as a ditigal subscription.I'm rather sad to do this as I am a great lover of books and i love to actually hold books,I love the smell of the paper.I love a new book with no creases,a spine that has not been forced flat and more recently I love the thrill of opening the magazines and book that has my pattern in it. A while back his highness bought me  a kindle something I thought Id hate but I now love it with a passion.However, once you start with electronic reading devices they bring out some other feature that you must have at present I want the kindle to have white paper.
However, I am really running out of space for more books.I have six floor to ceiling book cases filled with books I cant tell you the last time i hoovered the dust off them. I remember visiting someones house years ago and they had so many books but they were covered in thick layers of dust. i can remember being shocked that someone would do that to  books, alas,I ashamed to say I have become the same person. I don't know about you but time seems to be flying by, one day rolls into the next. Things that were once so very important now sit on the back burner all I want to do is find more time to design ,cook, read and crochetttttttttt all day long.


  1. Those are awesome! congrats on getting it published!

  2. Can't wait to see these, I have to go on the hunt round all the local newsagents for Inside Crochet so I'm always behind in getting it. I'm currently making your Diana it!!

  3. They look really cute!

  4. Congratulations on being published. You are on the crochet zone these days.
    I am having similar problems with my craft books. Right now I am thinking about getting rid of non craft books to make more room. I have not used a Kindle, I prefer paper.