Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Where's that tape measure ?

 New tape measure from lantern moon isnt she cute? She has been put to great use read on !!!!!!
 Im having trouble with my blocking .Last year I bought  but never used blocking wires until now.I blocked a shawl with a fluted edge but somehow it hasnt come out the way I like. I needed definition on the lines.I did a little research and came up with this blocking mat.You are suppose to nail it to a piece of wadding onto a plywood frame.

I dont have alot of space and if his highnesss assembled it I would have piece of equipment that would resemble a large mat. It cant be dimantled and although I would quite happily live with it , his highness flatly refused. He said it was ugly and add no aesthetic value. I had to agree.

So, it was off to come up with that another solution I needed a pack away version. I have a rug that I bought recently and it has a thick wool pile ,it sheds constantly, and would you believe it ,it is the same dimension as the blocking cloth. Yes, I think you know where Im going with this. Computer out, John lewis rugs and somehow a new rug 170in x 120in was delivered.
 Im not sure if you can see the pile beneath the cloth that is old hairy rug , now i have the perfect padded solid blocking board that rolls up perfectly to be stored behind sofa until needed and it only cost 20.00 for the mat and a further £170.00 for a new rug.  Im completely bonkers.

Now for the really sad bit ,I have jsut found this ,yes that is right a block and roll mat that only costs £50.00. Im off to hoover my new mat.

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