Wednesday, October 24, 2012

More hooks

When you start to learn a craft you don't ever think that one day you will become so obsessed with that craft, that you will end up with a house filled with more equipment that you could ever use in the rest of your lifetime.

I simply must confess dear reader that I am out of control with my crochet. I recently went to alexander palace to a yarn show. I only planned to treat to myself to my usual trolley and large shopping bag filled with lovely new skeins of yarn. However my favourite brand of crochet hooks had a stand . Tulip from Japan make in my opinion the most amazing hooks I have the unfortunate and very expensive pleasure of loving. Needless, to say I just had to one more set of these delightful tools of my trade.

Ten minutes later I have managed to somehow own two sets of these Etimo hooks. The dotty case contains hooks just for thread. The pink case contains hooks from 2mm to 10mm, it also has a lovely very sharp pair of scissors with its own case and a few needles .

I know that I don't really need them but I just had them, and I have vowed never to buy another hook again, well at least until the next show!!!!


  1. You have nailed my guilty addiction also. Yarns, hooks of every size, patterns, fibers to spin, spinning tools, etc... *sigh*

  2. That is my blind spot. I do not have as many as I need, often I start something to find I do not have the right hook. I inherited a fair amount but there are many gaps.