Sunday, June 17, 2012


Isn't nature awesome? these pics are just a few I took on holiday .Look at the colours so vivid ,bold and beautiful .I could spend all day just wandering around  nature be it flora or fauna. After spending the day there is nothing better than visiting my  yarn cupboards(yes, i really do have cupboards, in fact i have 8 floor to ceiling ones filled with yarn, god, it looks so bad when  you write it down,perhaps i should go on a yarn diet.) well enough of the confession and back to the what happens after a day with natures finest ,I just have to play with colours I would never normally play with. I'm working with this drops yarn at the moment and I will post results as soon as all the ends have been tidied, not something I'm looking forward to as I have used a  lot of colours.

I'm having a relaxing day today it is fathers day. My daughter went to marylebone fair this morning to get some organic potatoes, leeks ,rhubarb,fish and prawns. she is making her dad 's favourite dish a seafood pie ,rhubarb crumble it really is delicious all the veg is topped with a cheese mustard mash, I cant wait,
Happy Fathers Day Everyone

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  1. Gosh your dinner is making me hungry!
    I'm newly into Drops yarn and love it. I think the colours and textures are lovely and I can't believe how cheap it is!! In fact I can't stop buying it.