Tuesday, April 17, 2012


We spent 14 days in Florida.The best holiday I have had in years .I have so many beautiful pictures to share but first I thought I'd share the best yarn store in Florida. An amazing place filled from floor to ceiling of amazing colour.
The shop is called http://theknittingpatch.com/. The lady who runs it is called Lora .She is quite possibly the most knowledgeable yarn person I have ever met. She is awesome, ( god ,I seem to have picked up an americanism, they seem to say it all day in every shop I visited, everyday.It got on my nerves after day 2)
Lora knows everything about yarn ,I arrived with a list and came out with a completely different yarn such was her knowledge it was almost as though she knew me and the yarns I like. I hav been buying yarn for years and cant be forced into getting any yarn simply because of the brand name ,if I dont like the yarn i wont buy it I dont care how popular it is .Lora seems to be the same .I bought some unknown to me yarns they handled beautifully and such great value.I love a bargaint least in the shop is housed as you can see with all labels hidden i have no idea how Lora knows where everything is, you seem to be left to staring at the most delightful colours and textures all housed together and it works .I stayed in that gorgeous place for far too long and i could have stayed a few more hours butt the girls and his highness waited patiently in the car whilst Lora tempting me with yet more delights.I will post pictures of my loot once my new camera arrives. If you ever visit Florida do stop by and please do tell her I recommended it to you.The shop is a delight to the senses .


  1. Heaven, I am in heaven ...cannot think of a better place to spent time while on holiday. Glad you have a good time.

  2. I wonder, did you have to buy another suitcase to bring all that beautiful yarn home?