Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Knit nation

The 15th,16th,17th was the long awited Knitnation organised by the wonderful Alice of socktopus co-hosted with the talented sock designer Cookie A. I had booked the beginners lace course taught by the wonderful Marjan Hammick.It was a wonderful lesson however, I learnt that next time I will do either a morning or afternoon class as my concentration waned after lunch. It was from 9 to 5 intense concentration as we where learning how to read charts, add a life line, add an edging all whilst making a triangular neck down shawl.I can honestly say my brain felt over loaded.I was suddenly desperate for a shot of caffeine. Marjan was amazing and she has such a great knack at explaining ,she is extremely patient ,Marjan bought examples of her work.I am in awe, her work is exquisite.I throughly recommend doing this workshop .I learnt alot of new skills. worth every penny.
This was the queue on the friday preview.

I love the name of this yarn "To Dye For" it was an appropiate phrase because if you had been there when the marketplace doors were opened you would have witnessed women who clearly would die for wollmeise .There was an almightly stampede towards the Loop yarns. wollmeise section.

I like wolmeise but I would not run for it or fight for it.There actually was alot of tension in this queue the desperation for wollmeise was palpable .The queue to pay was 17 mins.I know this because I was in the queue.I will share my stash in the next post I just want to share my pictures of the marketplace.

This is one of my favourite yarn shops.Habu Textiles specialises in the more unusual yarns.

I love this gima cotton

Alices sock yarn Sokkusu all dyed by her.Truly lovely .

Beautiful storage solutions .I bought one of these


This is one of my favouite yarns it is so soft

more wollmeise

I love this picture
I loved the preview so much but I didnt get everything that was on my list as we only had two hours to buy. So Saturday afternoon I went back. Come back for the unveiling of my stash it is pretty impressive.


  1. Wow total yarn fest!!!! My idea of heaven. Thank you so much for the lovely comment. I chopped and changed as much for me as for SiL as I knew that if I wasn't feeling the love I would never finish it!!! xxx

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