Friday, July 29, 2011

knit nation stash

My stash from knit nation I went a bit potty and this is what I have.Can you tell I love wool?It was a wonderful day .I 'm gutted that it wont be on as it is the same time as the olympics.I guess that is why I bought so much I've saved alot on p&p.

If you have ever thought about attending please do it is a great experience.Just watching the scrum for wollmeise is so funny.It was a stampede , eve all eager to have just one skein. They became rude pushing and shoving.I refuse to fight for wool. I queued up waited patiently hoping they had not sold out.I bought four skeins.It was a ight to see grown women and men going nuts for wool.


  1. Plenty to keep you going there then!
    What a wonderful assortment!