Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Im getting really really mad I must try and calm down .I have been trying to leave comments to those blogs I follow .I sign in the usual way I cooment and it just keeps sending me back to the sign in page over and over again.Does anyone know what I should do? I am knee deep in designing patterns.Im finding it very difficult to blog, crochet, write patterns cook ,clean ,laundry .I wish I had another me, so i could share the load.Im tired all the time, a little cranky at times.I wish others at home would be a little bit more helpful. It would be lovely to have meal cooked for me instead of me always providing meals. I have always been a great lover of cooking but for the past 7 months I hate it. Trying to provide healthy tasty food is driving me mad


  1. Oh poor you - you need a rest! Lots of people have had problems with Blogger, so it's not just you. It seems to sort itself out eventually.

    You could try looking on http://knownissues.blogspot.com/ to see if there are any specific Blogger problems at the moment...

  2. Definitely poor you! I had trouble leaving comments on one particular blog I follow a while back, in the end it started working ok and is fine now!
    As for life, well, I am currently wondering why I wanted to have a new kitchen installed. Last night when I went into the bathroom I didn't know whether to bath, wash up the dinner things, knit, or just play games on my iphone!.
    Very stressful event in my household and with my husband having a wonky leg as well it hasn't helped the situation.
    Good luck!

  3. Oh dear...you need to put your foot down. It is really not good to keep carrying on when we feel drained, exhausted and low. I know this to my own cost. Insist on help, take time out, rest and recuperate. All of those things you are so busy with will wait for you xxx

  4. When I was having those probs with Blogger, I unchecked the "stay signed in" when logging into Gmail and all was fine after that.

    I sympathize with you...I went through that phase for several months earlier this year. Everything was overwhelming and the things I usually enjoy doing became a burden. I decided I wasn't going to do everything myself and turned the tables on my family! I just stopped doing it all. And when asked, "what's for dinner", I'd just sit there and say, "yes, what is for dinner?" We've reached a decent balance at this point and I've come out of my funk for the meantime! Take care, you'll get through this...

  5. Hi Helda - uncheck your "stay signed in" button - that will enable you to leave comments on other blogs.

    You should take a break and rest. We all need to take time for ourselves every once in a while.

    I have a post on my blog about how I create my crochet hook handles. I will re-post it for you. Hope you like making them. :)

  6. Sending lots of crafty kindness! You know I have just been posting about this for a while - in fact am currently on leave, i took 2 weeks one without the kids (I stayed at home and pottered around and focussed on me me me) and the second week (now) i have been with kids on the first week of the school hols...I am feeling MUCH better.

    You need a break hon, how many people work 24//7 without a break? Hope you get some serenity soon xx

  7. Try un clicking the stay signed in box when you sign in, it worked for me!

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