Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Naughty girl

I have been a very very bad girl. Just wanted a few new balls of yarn. I needed some new yarn to cheer myself up. The computer does realy strange things .It knows all my favourite shops and it fills my basket ,

These four skeins of yarn are Drops designs, Delight, and it really is just a good soft sockyarn

Kauni, I have been eying this yarn for ages.I am a little diappointed they are not very nice to handle feels like a very coarse scouring pad I am making a few things I just hope when washed and blocked it will feel alot nicer

The Kauni and fabel ,delight are all from this shop. They have a special offer at the moment. For a little inspiration check out these beautiful shawls from ravelry

They are beautiful to look at.
I dont know what has happened but just keep scrolling down there seems to be a lot of space between photos, I have quite a few balls


  1. Yes it's funny how so much yarn manages to make it into your electronic cart! All so lovely, but that Araucunia caught my eye. Enjoy the possibilities :-)

  2. Wow!! What a treasure you have there. I love that blue kauni ^_^

  3. Not bad, more like inspired!
    I love the sock yarn, I will have to look out for that.

  4. Looks like you're stocked up now! How fun. It's all beautiful -- I especially like the pastels in the Araucania hank. Lovely!

  5. Yes you have been very naughty, but that yarn looks so nice, lots of new projects for you to make over the summer :)

  6. Careful... you'll be catching up with MY stash soon!