Friday, May 20, 2011

Exhibit A shows the effects of drinking wine whilst knitting, can you see how wobbly my central line is?. It is dreadful. Now, usually I am one who can not bear to have work that has mistakes I unravel it and start over.
But, somehow I cant unravel this. This project has been in the unfinished cupboard for two whole years,yes two years. I could only finish it if I drank some wine . I found I'd fallen out of love with it.I also could not remember what pattern I was using so I had to improvise with my favourite feather and fan pattern. I just cant start over .

I used two 50g balls of regia yarn from the wonderful Kaffe fassett range I wish Icould tell you where I bought it but it has been so long.I am keeping it mistakes and all .I will wear it at home to remind myself not to drink wine whilst knitting/crocheting.


  1. Well done if you managed to get it out of the UFO list.
    The end justify the means, might be well applied here.
    Two years on your list...a red tablecloth with blackwork embroidery comes to mind, it must be at least 4 years when I last did something to it.

  2. The wine I think inspired you. The shawl turned out lovely with the loose ruffly edge!

  3. I think it is gorgeous and I love the colours! But I know what you mean...sometimes it is now or never! xxx

  4. Perhaps this is the answer, no wine and knit or no knit and wine.
    I'm going to give it a try!

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  8. Lovely shawl!Love the colour of it.