Monday, March 21, 2011

Stitching show

Last Friday I spent the day at the Stitch and Craft show at Olympia. I had such a lovely leisurely day.I have been coming to these shows for years, this year they put all the "yarn stuff" downstairs. It made shopping much easier and you didn't have to trawl through paper craft stuff.
I decided to walk around and see what I liked and not buy a thing until I had seen everything.Those who know me will know this was a very difficult thing to do I buy straight away without checking if someone else is selling the same stuff for less, with all the penny pinching we are doing at home it is only right I count the pennies when buying yarn ,after all we are in a recession.
Last year I was mugged at the Olympia train station.It was terrifying .I thought Id be nervous seeing as though I was going alone,but I was not although I did look around me a bit more than usual. I had a lovely day I took so many pictures will post more soon.


  1. What a nasty thing to happen to you, so pleased that you had a good time last week.
    It's hard when you see these lovely yarns, very difficult to choose and then you do have to do the practical thing, like add up the cost!!!!!!

  2. I was hesitating until a week before and then decided not to go. Too much stuff already at home.I thought about taking a workshop but all the ones I liked were full. Still I am sure I would have enjoyed. Glad you did.