Thursday, November 04, 2010

Bad girl

OK, so I have broken my yarn diet.In my defense they were reduced so that is not really buying ,it's a bargain, bargains don't count, do they? I have my dearest friend over from Saudi Arabia she has come back to do her masters. It was her birthday yesterday, I didn't have a moment to myself. Busy from morning right up until 4am this morn.
Aside from life getting in the way I have managed to make her one of these beauties(you cant tell but I have actually made two, one for her and one for meeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!. The yarn used is from Rico designs, called Creative poems aran. The pattern I used is one that is all over the web .I found this tutorial, translation not very clear but the pictures are excellent. Ive made these in the past I think i am addicted. Each scarf uses two balls of yarn with a 6mm hook.
The top picture shows two finished scarves in two different colourways .I cant tell you the colours as the numbers are badly printed on the ball band. Typical. the one time Ive actually remembered to keep ball band .
Oh, by the way I am officially on a yarn diet (again)


  1. Well you broke it in style, those scarfs are gorgeous. And so easy to crochet, a couple of Christmas I gave 3 away as presents, the funny thing is that I didn't keep one for myself. I guess is time now for one.

  2. Pretty and pretty.

  3. Wow, that's gorgeous! Do you have a link to a pattern in English?

  4. love the scarves, could you let us know where the pattern can be found? i have seen some that look like yours but not your exact pattern. thanks!