Friday, September 17, 2010

All in a week or two

It seems like forever since I have blogged .Time seems to be flying by. Last week Friday was the
Iknit London weekender. It was two days filled with workshops and a fabulous area to spend spend spend. Oh my gosh ,I really am a yarn lover and strangely a pom pom maker gadget lover.I think I'm ill I bought far too much and apart from a few bits I have no idea what I'm going to make .
I have not taken pictures of all my yarn as i am a little ashamed. I simply have too much. There, I've admitted it I HAVE TOO MUCH YARN!!!!!.His highness thinks my yarn stash is out of control, so to spare myself all that explaining about why I just had to have those wonderfully different fiber yarns from Habu textiles and yard upon yard of kid mohair.They are stunning and I've cast on already I'm making this .It's a item I'll try to make during those periods I need to knit. I always prefer to crochet but sometimes I just have to use my knit pro needles, I will chart progress as and when.
On the crochet front those brightly coloured grannies are all over my home I'm sewing in ends and will reveal shortly. I have been winter cleaning. Sorting, recyling,throwing and shredding every thing i can find and boy do i have stuff .Incidentally,Ive found gas bills from 2007, what on earth am i doing keeping letters that old. Enjoy your weekend
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