Thursday, August 05, 2010

Knit Nation

Im not saying a word

The colourful Wolmeise stall, so pretty

Last Friday Nez and I hotfooted it down to the event of the year Knit Nation. A long weekend filled with workshops, shopping ,parties and lots of fun. It was held at Imperial College London, a wonderful place.
I didn't do any of the workshops Nez is the greatest teacher in the world and my personal encyclopedia,.She knows everything about knitting ,crochet,beading patchwork jewllerymaking, macrame the list is endless.
We as ever went for the shopping and boy did we shop. First impressions of the market place was that it is small. However, we managed to shop for 5hours. There was an absolutely fabulous range of things to delight everyone. We had a ball.
I still manage to amaze myself . Years ago I purchased a set of Denise knitting needles, I'd always wanted to have a set of interchangeable. When I started to use them I hated them. The way they felt in my hand was not pleasant yucky plastic needles so with that they have sat languishing at the bottom of my needle box. I had always decided I was going to sell them. I now use The knitpro and have wooden set, metal set and the brightly coloured acrylic set all of which I love.
Nez was on the lookout for the Denise crochet hooks. I said i hated the needles that I'd have to be mad to get the crochet hooks. Two lovely ladies selling Denise had lots of example of their work all made with the Denise.It was quite simply, stunning work, beautiful . You could try before you buy. I still cant believe this but I liked them .Aside from the fact that I liked them ,the ladies said that the needles and crochet hook wires are interchangeable suddenly I knew I'd be able to use the knitting sets cords . You know the rest they came home with me. The moral of this story is try before you make a decision ,you might be surprised.
I didn't take alot of picture but you can see others pictures over on flickr.It was a lovely day nice and warm and filled with woolly pursuits.

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  1. I'm the bald woman in the photo at thebwollmeise stall, *waves madly*