Friday, August 13, 2010

The British museum

His highness and i spent the day round the British museum. It's such a wonderful day out I must read a little more history I often feel so stupid when faced with exhibits I know nothing about. My daughter is going to study A level history so perhaps I could study alongside her.
Can you see those grapes I took a photo when we were parking the car in greenwich .Someones garden had bunches of grPosted by Picasaapes cascading over the brick wall. I couldnt contain my excitement. Ive never seen grapes in london before the garden was such a small space, it seems you dont need alot of space to grow your own. I dream about growing my own, dont you


  1. Not only of yarn lives the woman...I recomend you visit their oriental galleries and the chinese ceramics galleries, they are exquisite. On the 5t and 4th floor and a world away from the overcrowded ground floor.I went a month ago and had great time.