Thursday, July 01, 2010

YArn snob???????????

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If you had asked me a few weeks ago whether I was a yarn snob I would have said yes. About 21 years ago I was a student with a child and very broke.I bought a knitting machine with it came a large box of acrylic cones of yarn. I was so proud and couldn't believe that with one cone of yarn 500g i could make my daughter jumpers, scarves all at a fraction of the cost of shop bought. However, I hated the texture, it had a very unmistakable squeak and lacked that squeezable, snugable ,soft and warmness you get from some natural fibers.Once you've knitted with cashmere and angora ,wool ,silk there is no going back.But, it is pricey.
With all the economic uncertainty,I dont want to spend £150 to make a lapghan. I wanted to inject colour into my home but dont want the hefty price tag that natural fibres would incur.
Help was found on flickr .The inspiration and the gorgeous results others where getting from using the dreaded stuff are amazing.I had no other choice I bought ACRYLIC.It seems a popular choice is the stylecraft special dk. The price is outstanding , ranging from 99p to 2.00 now that's cheap. And if i didnt like the results it would not hurt to donate the lot to the charity shops.
I am so pleased with the result and very very surprised, no, it is not as luxurious as natural fibers but it is warm, cosy and the colours make me feel so very happy. Being happy is very important to me I love experimenting Ive been busy granny rippling, hexagon making , mini granny squares.It is all such great fun and I love it. It has been a lovely tonic.
I still love using natural fibersand will continue to sleep with luxury end colour charts but I now no longer close my eyes or cringe at the thought of acrylic.The advancements in textiles making has obviously changed and I for one am very happy,£22.00 on a kingsized blanket now that's value for money and a very small price for happiness.

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  1. Wow, the blanket is made with acrylic yarn? Really?

    The colours are so beautiful and make me smile, my ill soul healthy - thanks and a big huge for you.

    Many lovely greets,