Friday, July 09, 2010

Jawoll magic and Jerk pork

We love food and travel the length and breath of Britain in our pursuit for the best. We love spicy food and adore jerk chicken . This isn't a difficult dish to prepare , there are so many jar pastes in the supermarket but for an authentic taste you do need to do this on a barbeque.

So far, we have have two favorite jerk shops one does outstanding jerk chicken the other does the most amazing jerk pork. The pictured shop is the pork specialist and it's in Thornton heath .I had the pork with hard dough bread and salad. It's a taste sensation.

On the crochet front, my latest edition of interweave came through the post. I fell in love with the shawl on the cover. I recently bought a skein of Lang Jawoll magic from Iknit, beautiful autumnal tones. I did a full pattern rep and then decided I didn't want a my shawl to be made in this complete pattern and I'm now improvising.I'm pleased so far and will post results asap.
Hope you have a great weekend it promises to be a scorcher


  1. Great color the of the Jawoll. I have never tried Jerk pork so I cannot say. Might use your recommendation.
    Have a nice weekend.

  2. Nice colours, beautiful pattern - love it. I am on the outcome strained.

    Have a beautiful and relaxing weekend.

    Nice greets,