Monday, July 19, 2010

Granny stripe completed

This is my latest purchase. I love Edie Eckmans books they are very clear and have schematics as well as written instructions.If you only buy one book for the year this is a definite must have. Most of the time we are so absorbed in making something that often we neglect the borders yet we all know how important the finishing is. This book is 10/10.
Latest yarn anchor magicline bought at a car boot sale priced 20p per ball. I'm still smiling what a bargain. Not sure what to do with them so for now I'm just contented admiring them.

Now, for my ta-dah moment my granny stripe blanket is complete. You can't tell from this photo but our bed is a super king sized bed .It's one of those remote control beds that lets you adjust head and foot position .It also massages you. Its the roll royce of beds and it is very big. I will have to take more pictures to show you just how big my blanket is. I love it so much . Using the stylecraft yarn has been a very pleasant experience, the colour choice is magnificent. Im off to order another batch.


  1. Your blanket is beautiful. A wonderful mix of colours

  2. AHHHHHHH, I don't know what I like more, if the book, the yarn or that bedspread. Decisions, decisions.
    Congratulations on finishing the bedspread, it looks gorgeous. Good choice of colours, so uplifting.

  3. 人生有如洶湧的波濤,如果沒有岩石的阻擋,怎能激起美麗的浪花?............................................................

  4. Looks great and that is a B I G bedspread so many colours to match, you picked really well :)