Friday, January 08, 2010

Let it snow

"Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow". Isn't it simply beautiful? the house has been very ill over the Xmas and new year and we have been in for weeks. What has been lovely is looking at the snow. There is something very comforting about being at home ,wearing my mohair bed jacket having lots of hot drinks staring out at the ethereal beauty.
I love being at home, as long as I have everything i need. I'm sure you know where this is heading . Yes, shopping .So with that in mind I did what I do best ,bargain hunting for yarn, well what else could I do????. Im ill I need cheering up.
A few.......seconds later I'd bought lots of regia and a set of the new knit pro acrylic needles, apair of snow boots.(well , it is snowing).I have a set of the metal knitpro's and a set of the beautifully coloured wooden ones ,both of which I love,so what else would need ?obviously, acrylic ones. I have a confession to make, I first used plastic needles aged 10, hated them then and have always avoided them every since.I told myself this over and over whilst paying at the checkout. But still bought them. This obsession with needles and hooks is soooo out of control. I mean seriously, just how many needles and hooks do you really need?
Yarn arrived as lovely and soft as ever.I do like regia and it's so very reasonable priced. The colour changes are very beautiful . I fretted over the needles, however, I'm happy to report "The man from delmonte says ,yes " needles are lovely. Plastics it seems have moved on. I think the cables and little bits of metal involved have added a weight that I like to feel when i knit.The colours are great and they are just as smooth as the other range. I love the mechanics of the knitpro interchangeable needles. Perfect joins. Beautiful points .I really dont like needles that are so sharp that they can split the yarn.These are just the right shape. Smooth, comfortable to use. I love the practicality of having all my needles in one place. Gorgeous, definately worth it. I bought them here. I quite like the look of the hiya needles , no harm in looking, is here??


  1. Lovely photos, I like the knitting candy ones best.It´s difficult to resist this knitting obsession. The snow photos are nice too, but makes me feel glad that I am not in London right now.