Wednesday, August 20, 2008

crochet hook case
I ve been after one of these for awhile
100% alpaca,

Its getting harder and harder to record all my purchases, I have to admit that it is now out of control, I have decided to go on a diet , no not another faddy food diet but a much more desperate measure, yes a yarn diet. Apparently the more times I say those two words the easier it gets. I would like to say that I'll be saving all the money and use it for a special family event,but, sadly it would in fact be a lie.I am in fact on a diet saving all my cash for the iknit London event of the year. Its an event not to be missed a place filled with loads and loads of UK producers and also some oversea stuff, a place where one can never have too much money. Watch out ladies ,trolley coming through

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  1. One can never have too many shoes or too much yarn. Having said that there is the problem of where to keep it and when to craft it. Where did you get that lovely rafia ? I would like to get some in black for a corset belt I have in mind.