Friday, June 20, 2008

On Monday evening my family were invited to attend Royal Albert Hall for an evening filled with dancing. My youngest (14)has dance lessons ever since she was little she adores dance and theatre land. For the past 6 weeks she and her friends have worked themselves very hard for this remarkable idea to encourage children to feel a connection with ballet and theatre land.

Twelve schools danced to different genres of dance from ballet to hip hop,ballroom dancing,salsa,etc. The accompanying music was Gershwin hits. It was fabulous,it culminated in 550 people choreographed by the Royal Ballet on stage all dancing together. For me ,apart from the fact that my daughter was part of this, it was that there were lots of boys all happily dancing to music they had never heard of. Boys and girls stepping out of the box and experienced something new. Many of the young people had never been to the theatre and most had never learnt ballet, jazz, Lindy hop. It was such a beautiful thing to be part of.Well done to each and every child and I think I'm right in saying they will always remember such a fabulous event.As I know I wont. Fo some strange reasons Im having problems up loading the pictures.

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