Saturday, December 29, 2007


To fellow yarn lovers .I feel I ought to warn you of the strange happenings during sales .I've been to the sales and have somehow found myself holding four large carrier bags filled with wool.Not sure whats going on

.Hubby and I decided to have a look at all the so called bargains .We started in John Lewis and somehow we ended in the haberdashery department.Be warned it could happen to you, Clearance containers filled with half priced yarn. The next part of the story is a bit blurred I somehow find myself at the till with two trolleys (courtesy johnlewis).I remember holding four large carrier bags full and I'm at the till paying a hefty bill. Back at home an enormous amount of packets of Debbie bliss ,jaegar, and rowan and one book is poured on my bed.

So please be warned it could happen to you but hurry as I didnt help hubby find what he was looking for so we have to go back right away ,in fact I'm leaving before its late.

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  1. I made a concious decision not to hit the habedashery this time after last christmas and summer and that is despite having £130 of John Lewis vouchers. There just isn't enough room in my house for more yarn at the moment. I am going to allow myself to go in the summer. I still have yarn from the previous two sales to knit up so I have promised to do that first. It looks like you scored some good stuff though. Looking forward to seeing what you knit it all up into.