Friday, December 07, 2007

I'm ill but still clicking

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Originally uploaded by heldasland. been really busy knitting and crocheting .I'm a little under the weather but my sticks are constantly clicking away. I made a set like this last year I still had quite a few balls of this yarn left so I decided to make another set . Its my own hat pattern The gloves are from louisa hardings fabulous gathering roses book.

When you first attempt a pair of gloves its the most daunting thing you can do along with a pair of socks,but once you have mastered it its a thing of beauty.I'm still thrilled that I can make gloves.

I've been in bed since monday , with the ocassional stumbling to the loo, the side of my bed is stuffed with a variety of bags filled with different projects in progress. The list is a cobweb lace wrap as you would expect its taking forever but I'm enjoying it, I'm also making a demin skirt from interweave knitting, also taking forever . I;m also making crochet squares for my very own crochet granny squared quilt. Various pressies for the family when they are not around .All in all its just as well I'm in bed,as i;m exhausted just thinking about the list.

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