Sunday, August 19, 2007

What a stash, I 've been a naughty person . Well actually, i have not as this was a present from my other half along with a similar stash of silk in a beautiful shade of orange. I'm so happy i think I could pop.I did however buy (I paid for these) some baby alpaca, some gorgeous silk/cotton mix and a couple of books. I have taken photos but I'm going to add them slowly so that i can savour that delightful feeling that comes over me when I see this stuff. I grabbed the baby alpaca and rubbed my neck with it .I love the softness .My other half looks on as though I,m quite mad, i really don't care its gorgeous baby alpaca. I looked longingly at the silk and oohed and arrhed until he could take it no more. He grabbed all of it and walked away .He paid for the silk and left me to it as he knows I could be here for a awhile.He walks off in the direction of gadgets . I looked around as you do and slowly through all the books(well, its all in the aid of research) counted and recounted the balls deciding what I would be making with each. Its so difficult to think like this . Sod it, I'd buy it all . Happy with that decision I paid and smiled all day and long into the evening. In fact, at two am i had finally decided what I will be making with all this gloriuos stuff. However, looking at it all again this morning I 'm not so sure!!!!!

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  1. Thats gorgeous yarn! Thanks for adding my blog at your blog ring! Appreciate! Happy crafting!