Monday, August 06, 2007

These are some of my latest finds. Charity shops are great sources for vintage books and patterns.

Back to london to funnily enough relax. we are lucky enough to have two homes. We always liked the fact that we could have city living in london and the quiet live having a home in the black country.However a few years of weekend travel we decided it would be an idea to rent it out. A few years run by and we have decided we want to do have the whole country/city living again. We now have the unenviable task of re-painting and redoing our house. The cobwebs made me shriek, layers of dust, carpets to be cleaned. We ve decided to take it slow there is no rush. Its very strange going back to the house after renting it out for so long. The garden hedge was sooo high and we need a tree surgeon to manage them.However , moaning aside it is lovely to have a project to do.

Living in the country is such a joy. Everyone is so much friendlier and they are so much nosey asking all sorts of questions, gossiping about the others. It didnt take long to feel back at home with the neighbours.I feel safer knowing the nosey neighbours are looking after the house whilst we are at home in london.Ive put on a few pounds as Ive grabbed what was available in between steam cleaning, and the garden. You'd think it would be the reverse but no all the other members of my family have lost weight and I put it on.

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