Sunday, August 12, 2007

Inside the book

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I love finding old books and this is a real treat this page is crochet trims and braids page.Just by using some of the new yarns today these trims can be made to look modern, however the the seventies is back. I for one love it. My daughter is wearing the leggings and baggy tops that I wore the first time round.I must say I do love that look.There is nothing better than finding a old book that has clearly been used and loved and trying to interprete it with modern yarns.The patterns are so well written I find the whole pattern is written as opposed to todays style of writing, that usually says follow instructions for left side reversing the shaping.Sometimes I dont want to keep referring to the other side I just want it written down clearly so that i dont have to think I just want it to be there for an easy life.If I ever became an editor for a magazine I would certainly make sure that a pattern was complete, i dont want half a pattern!!!!!O.k moan over.

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