Friday, July 20, 2007

I made this set last nite. The yarn i have used is hemp. It comes in 14 different colours fabulous. I will be posting a pattern for this,It looks really nice as the finishing touch to an outfit. My daughter is modelling it and she has bagged it ./this yarn is very nice to work with feels a bit like a really stiff coarse cotton. This week has
flown by .The meetup group have had our s econd meet. It is so lovely being out in the
evening hook or needles in hand, talking to new friends about our love of our craft. As, Im the organiser of this group I have been searching different locations I had forgotten how beautiful londons is ,Some of the parks are stunning. I live quite near to regents park,it has a beautiful flower garden and its free. The meetup groups are going to take advantage of these beautiful places (weather permitting).To date, all of the members are a lovely bunch of people and I really look forward to each meetup.

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