Friday, February 09, 2007

My family are often telling me that I never leave home without a needle and they all made jokes about how obssessed I am about my crafts, on holiday even in the gym whilst on the running machine (I was walking) I was knitting they laughed, at the bar , in the bath on the tiolet should we go on mum they teased.They decided to issue a challenge that I could not go a day without knitting. No I',m not obssessed (god, who am I kidding) and of course I could o a WHOLE day without a needle in tow , piece of cake, I protested feeling a little guilty and silly. So my daughter has set out to prove that I knit everywhere and could not go a week without knitting or crocheting Am I so silly that I couldnot see how much i needed to make things with my hands. The day started well, I made a very elaborate meal, baked a fine chocolate gateau.Cleaned all the laminate floor and then decided to empty and clean fridge.I was so exhausted but I had not picked up a needle.We needed groceries so off we went to get somehow as you can see from exhibit A I'm knitting in the car. So I guess that means The family are correct I'm well and truly hooked.Don't you just hate being wrong!!!!!!

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