Friday, January 05, 2007

A Picture Share!

A Picture Share!
Originally uploaded by D. Keith Robinson.
Saw this picture on flickr and thought it was such a good one.It has set me thinking that I ought to set down a few resolutions of my own.
  1. Make all those things I have written down in my journal.
  2. Learn how to add beading to my crochet and knitting.
  3. Master socks, i have made one but Im still struggling with the next one, perhaps i need to find the ideal sock pattern.
  4. On the home front, I must sort out yarn from all those nooks and crannies, allow my partner to have wardrobe space, instead of yarn, take yarn out of his shoe boxes{there is alot of space in between shoes that a skein or two can be hidden}
  5. Crochet socks.
  6. Drive. I will succeed as there are so many yarn shows and my other half is getting fed up taking me to them, plus it means he doesn't get the chance to ask me"more yarn, where are you going to put them"
  7. Eat healthier foods and drink more water.
  8. Exercise myself not just my fingers.
  9. Blog more.
  10. Enjoy myself more , by, yes you guessed it knitting and crocheting more.

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