Wednesday, December 13, 2006

dentist chair 1950s

dentist chair
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Yesterday after months and months moaning to my other half about getting his tooth sorted he finally went to the dental hospital only to have two ,yes, two teeth extracted.He has been a very brave soldier., .
Why ,oh why do men go on and on about how large the needle was,how the dentist tugged and tugged, how much he has suffered.He came home, bathed and had dinner and he was away with the fairies at 7.30.Can't tell you how pleased i was i could crochet the mittens I'm making for him, while he slept.I didn't really get much done yesterday i did however bring knitting with me to the hospital,After waiting 6 hours i finished rowan tapestry hat . It never ceases to amaze me how much conversation arises whenever i knit.Yesterday ,an old lady told me how she had knitted during the war and beyond until her eyesight got bad. That got me thinking that so much to learn so little time. The receptionist said that I was clever and that she wishes she had the time to knit. A young girl watched carefully and finally asked if it was hard??I said no way would she like a go??? nah, she replied its what old ladies do,charming eh.

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