Thursday, September 25, 2008

Nylon Scrubbie

I really enjoy using other materials to crochet with , nothing is safe with me. I have all sorts of things in our tool cupboard,this stuff is nylon twine. This is available from stationers, post offices and garden centers. Ive used twine in the garden to train chilli plants and tomatoes. I cook alot, this results in pans that need lots of scrubbing . Growing up it was my job to scoure the pans for my mum, I hated this, the metal scouring pad hurt and I really hated the feel of it. There has been alot of research that suggests metal on metal action, can result in a metallic particles entering our foods. Something I'm not happy about.

I came up with this nylon scrubbie, Ive been making them for ages, so much so that one day hubbie mentioned where did I get them, he uses it for the metal rims of his car wheels,( boys will be boys) he needed some more. There are very strong and durable they really can clean burnt and scalded pans.(Please note, you must of course soak pan for awhile, ) They have the correct abrasive qualities but are kind to your pots and pans, and your hands,which lets face as crocheters and knitters our hands are vital. Nylon Scrubbie

10g nylon spool (b&q, stationers, homebase, post offices.)
4.5mm crochet hook.

Half treble, Htr (uk)
Start with yarn over the hook, insert the hook through the loop of the next chain stitch, yarn over the hook and draw the hook through the chain stitch only. You now have three loops on the hook.Yarn over hook and pull through all the loops. USA; hdc

6ch join with a slip stitch.
Row 1; 12 htr into ring, join in first htr.

Row 2; 2ch counts as one htr,1 htr in every htr ,slip into 2ch.

Row 3; 2ch and 1htr into first htr then *1htr in the next htr ,2htr into next htr**repeat from* to** join with slip stitch.

Row 4: 2c,1htr into every htr. sp st into the 2ch.

Row5; repeat row 3

At this point I joined with a slip st and weave the ends through. If you would like to make a larger one continue by using rows 3 and 4 until you are happy .You will of course need more nylon .

I hope this makes sense, I'm not very good at writing down instructions if you have any bother or it just doesn't make sense please pm me .

Please use this pattern freely .Please do not make these for profit.
copyright; Helda Panagary 2008


  1. Is it okay to use with nonstick pans?

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